Color as texture

Whenever I see many different colors in one place, assembled randomly or at least not for the purpose of putting those colors together, I’m intrigued.  I usually pause to notice it and my favorite ones I try to photograph if there’s a camera handy.  This happens a lot with products at retail but it being a commercial setting and the fact that they’re set there intentionally, often carefully “faced” and set by a display person loses the draw for me.  The kind I love are the accidental ones, usually not noticed by many passers-by and I take them as a serendipity and enjoy it when I’m able to capture the moment.  I love how the crates originated from all over as well, from Smuckers to AgriPac to Woodburn Fruit…  The multiple textures in these scenes are usually great but the beauty I see is the repeat of colors that themselves become the texture, in these cases both horizontally and vertically through the frame.

I hope for this to the first of a larger series; we’ll see how it goes.


The first photo is of a rack of javelins leaving the field at the US Olympic Trials in Eugene, captured hastily with my phone camera before the USATF official wheeled it behind the secure gate.  The second is a stack of berry crates at Hoffman Farms this summer seen on our blueberry and strawberry-picking excursion.  The third is a display of flavored honey sticks at the Baggenstos Farm store on our pumpkin patch trip in October.


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