NFL mascot strength

Some people predict who will be the best sports team in a season based on their top players.  Some track recent success and extrapolate.  Some use a complicated formula led by geographical bias and who has or hasn’t been in the news recently for DUII.  Some though, (and often it seems this is women) go purely by visual aesthetics of the team colors and uniform or by favorite mascot.  This last method intrigued me and so I present to you a performance recap (1/3 of the way into the 2013 NFL season) I came up with based solely on kind of mascot.  Here is average wins within a mascot type and how that ranks:

Horses 4.5 (Best) – Broncos, Colts
Dogs 4.0 (Great) – Browns (bulldog mascot), Saints (St Bernard mascot)
Native Americans 3.0 (Good) – Chiefs, Redskins
New Americans 3.0 (Good) – 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots
Fish 3 (Good) – Dolphins
Airplanes 3 (Good) – Jets
Birds 2.6 (Average) – Seahawks (An Osprey?), Ravens, Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons
Horned Mammals 2.0 (Below Average) – Rams, Buffalo (Bills), Texans (Bull mascot)
Bears 2 (Below Average) – Bears
Lightning 2 (Below Average) – Chargers
Cats 1.75 (Poor) – Bengals, Lions, Panthers, Jaguars
Mythological Peoples 1.5 (Poor) – Giants, Titans
Working Americans 1.0 (Worst) – Steelers, Packers
White People 1 (Worst) – Vikings
Pirates 1.0 (Worst) – Raiders, Buccaneers


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