deep thought acorn hats

deep thought acorn hats

One of my favorite shapes in nature is the acorn/oak nut (etymological root – Oak-horn, love that). On a bike ride with my son, mid autumn, we stopped to look at all the deep red fallen oak leaves and what I assumed would be loads of acorns in a grassy area next to a busy road. Indeed there were hundreds in the small area where we were but nearly every one was an empty “acorn hat”, the meaty middle vanished. While it’s probably an easy conclusion to make that all of these have been eaten by a busy group of bluejays and hoarded by the army of squirrels in our neighborhood – the stark remainder of oak droppings gave me pause. Aside from the bellies of a jays and squirrels, there are many more fun conclusions to draw about where this enormous group of nuts ended up… So using its still perfectly in-tact leftovers I asked the absent acorn crop (and no one in particular) its fate. Hopefully a passerby or two will also give pause to examine the message and think about something they would never have considered that day.


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