NFL Mascot strength: update… how are they faring?

With the NFL season now 2/3 complete, here is an update to my Mascot strength rankings.  The horses are galloping away.  Lions, Tigers and Bears are pretty good.  Those who spend time on the sea are all wet.

(average # of wins categorized by type of mascot)

Horses 8.0 (Best) – Broncos, Colts
Dogs 6.0 (Great) – Browns (bulldog mascot), Saints (St Bernard mascot)
Native Americans 6.0 (Great) – Chiefs, Redskins
New Americans 6.0 (Great) – 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots
Bears 6 (Great) – Bears
Birds 5.6 (Good) – Seahawks (An Osprey?), Ravens, Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons
Cats 5.25 (Good) – Tigers (Bengals), Lions, Panthers, Jaguars
Aircraft 5 (Average) – Jets
Working Americans 4.5 (Below Average) – Steelers, Packers
Lightning 4 (Below Average) – Chargers
Mythological Peoples 4.0 (Below Average) – Giants, Titans
Horned Mammals 3.3 (Poor) – Rams, Buffalo (Bills), Texans (Bull mascot)
Marine Mammals 3 (Poor) – Dolphins
Pirates 3.0 (Poor) – Raiders, Buccaneers
White People 2 (Worst) – Vikings


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