402: Steph Curry vs the legends before

Think of the greatest 3-point shooters throughout NBA history.

My mind goes to “Larry Legend”. Dale Ellis. Peja Stojakovic. Jason Terry.

The Person brothers.

All three members of Run TMC.

Reggie Miller (with most of the them seemingly against the Knicks).

There were the “pure shooters” like Kiki Vandeweghe, Jeff Hornacek, Dan Majerle, Mark Price. There’s Kyle Korver and Dana Barros and their consecutive streaks. Craig Hodges, who won 3-point contests even when he wasn’t on an NBA team. Ya gotta recall “Big Shot Rob”(ert Horry)!

How about Blazer guard Brandon Roy, including his inbounds 3 to beat the Rockets? Later, Blazer guard Damian Lillard and his identical inbounds 3 to beat the Rockets.

The career leader is Ray Allen with 2,973. He’s timely with ’em too. Remember his 3-pointer to sink the Spurs in the Finals?

You’ve got Jamal Crawford and all his 4-point plays. And it’s hard to forget Tracy McGrady and his 13 points in 35 seconds.

There’s Dumars, Porter, Walker, Ainge, Scott, Jamison, Maxwell, Houston, Nash, Rice….

Kobe, VC. AI. LBJ. MJ for crying out loud!… There are SO many great long-range shooters over the years.

While the 3-point line was instituted in 1979, well after the league was established, that is still a lot of shooters over a lot of years to make this type of play an institution.

But no one in 37 years of 3-point shooting… I’ll say it again – NO ONE even comes close (nay, not within the same stratosphere) to one Steph Curry.

Okay, we know he’s great… ESPN tells us almost every hour of every day. But think about the thing we have just witnessed at the close of the 2015-16 NBA season. Many of us were distracted with the Kobe retirement festivities…

To place ‘2016 Steph Curry’ in context let’s first go back a couple years to the 2012-’13 season. Curry breaks Ray Allen’s 6 year-old 3-pointers in a season record with 272. Allen took the title 10 years after Dennis Scott’s established a mark of 267 in 1996. The record progression was coming at a regular pace you could say.

The next year Curry comes close with 261, the fourth best season on record. But in 2015 he breaks the record again with 276. Now, this was history. In all the years of the NBA (and even the ABA included) no one had hit this many 3’s over 82 games. Let alone break the record twice in three years.

Then along comes the reigning MVP’s 2016 campaign. When the Warriors play the Oklahoma City Thunder, Curry drops in 12 threes. 12. Which ties the single game record. And breaks his all-time record for 3’s in a year. Oh, it’s still February. He has nearly 1/3 of the season left to sink 3-pointers. And sink 3’s he does. Fast forward to April 13th in the final game of the regular season we see the number tick past: 400. Then for good measure he hits a couple more for 402.

Yes, 402.

Let that sink in for moment. No man before had even flirted with nearing 300. Then Curry goes 400. More than twice the season total of so many of those all-time greats.

This could be the greatest increase of a previous record in the history sports. Like, ALL sports. Not Bonds’ homers, not Gretsky’s goals; nothing comes close.

It’s absurd. It doesn’t even make sense. While I would argue Wilt the Stilt had an easier time breaking open his 3,033 points record in 1962 in a young, fledgling league with only 8 teams, even straight numbers to numbers it doesn’t compare. In this day and age, in an established league, with unprecedented basketball popularity and more competition than ever from both the US and around the globe, Curry puts up numbers that make everything we thought was so impressive before look like child’s play.


Amazingly he’s not just throwing up a ton of shots to get there. He is second in the league in 3 point field goal percentage at 45.4, a number better than most of the NBA’s regular field goal percentage.

The fact that he did it leading the Warriors on a massively followed and publicized run to the all-time regular season wins record is even more ridiculous. And then there’s his fellow Splash Brother, poor Klay Thompson who shoots the second best 3-point season ever and we barely notice. Sorry Klay.

But take notice of this; we are witnessing history. The game has changed. And this guy is leading the way (like a rocket ship leads a glider plane).

ST3PH CURRY. 3-point king. Wizard. Guru. Master. Curry 4 Prez? No words seem right…

How about just that pearl of number, 402?


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