I am an illustrator, freelance graphic designer, believer, random observer, creator, fan, often a cynic, devil’s advocate (but only for arguments, never for life).  I am a bit like sandpaper:  I can make smooth things rough and rough things smooth.  I love good cardboard.  I love holding babies.  I love riding bicycles.  I tear-up at a well-written obstacle-overcoming sports story. I am not afraid to jump in the middle of a spontaneous dance highlight circle at a wedding reception.  My family makes me happy.  Coffee is awesome.  Beer is awesomer.  Serendipity might be my favorite word.  Bioflavonoid is my favorite word to say.  I like control but admit I have none.  I start things and sometimes don’t finish them.  I appreciate small things done well.  I appreciate beauty in clouds, trees, everyday sunsets, nuts, shells, leaves and many things I see everyday.  I like to enjoy.  And to others, “I recommend it”.


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